Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Link Between Dog Allergies and Nutrition

Have you noticed your dog scratching itself more than usual? Or maybe your dog is experiencing hair loss or spending a lot of time chewing at its feet. All of these symptoms are signs that your dog is experiencing a food allergy.

Although people often think of environmental factors like pollen as the most common triggers of allergies, food is a leading source of allergies for dogs. The three most common causes of food allergies are corn, soy and wheat. What’s alarming is despite many dogs being allergic to these substances, they’re found in countless dog food brands on big box store shelves. In fact, many dog food makers use these substances as the main fillers for their food.

Because it’s quite common for dog food bags to be high in corn, soy and wheat while being low on real ingredients that carry nutritional value, dogs may not be getting the right balance to feel their best. We want to cover how making the switch to all-natural dog food can combat allergies, along with additional benefits that high-quality dog food can offer:

Eliminating Allergens Can End Allergies

By switching to a dog food that’s made from real ingredients instead of fillers that are responsible for causing allergies in so many dogs, it’s often possible to end symptoms like excessive scratching, hair loss and chronic paw licking. Since food made from real ingredients is also much easier for dogs to digest, making the switch can improve your dog’s overall digestive health as well.

Real Ingredients Mean Real Nutrition

While getting rid of a food allergy can be a huge improvement for a dog, that’s actually just one of many ways that making the switch to dog food made from real ingredients can help your pet. By actually getting all the nutritional elements needed for a healthy life on a daily basis, your dog will have more energy for fun things like playing.

Another way that choosing quality dog food that’s free of fillers like corn, soy and wheat can help your dog is making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. If you think about humans, it’s quite difficult to keep a slim waistline if all you eat is fast food that’s high in carbs. The same issue applies to dogs. Food that’s packed with fillers can easily lead to a dog carrying around more weight than it should. Since excess weight can lead to all kinds of health problems in dogs, this is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. The good news is you can address it by choosing the right type of food for your dog.

If you want to see for yourself just how healthy and happy your dog can be when it’s supported by the right diet, take a look at our selection of Pet Wants dog food blends.

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