Friday, August 11, 2017

7 Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

It's no secret that dogs are incredibly loyal animals. In addition to their loyalty, dogs are also very expressive. Dogs have many different ways of showing how they feel. If you're wondering exactly which of your dog's actions mean "I love you," keep reading to get the scoop on seven different examples:

1. Bringing You Toys

As you're going to see, many of the actions that dogs take to express their love relate back to pooches being pack animals. When your pup brings a toy to you, it obviously wants to play. But this action can also mean your dog is recognizing you as the pack leader and bringing you the toy as a type of gift.

2. Simultaneous Yawning

Did you know that biological empathy is the reason that yawning is so contagious among humans? What's even more interesting is scientists now believe that dogs do the same thing. A study found that dogs are significantly more likely to yawn at the same time as their owners than with strangers.

3. Raised Eyebrows

Even though it can be a difficult sign to pick up on, a study in Japan used a high-speed camera to record dogs' faces when humans walked into the room. The study found that dogs raised their eyebrows when they saw their owners, but not when strangers walked in.

4. Licking Your Face

Face licking is an important part of the relationship between a mother and puppy. When your dog licks your face, it may be the result of habit or because you taste good. However, more often than not it really is your pooch giving you a kiss to show its affection.

5. Sleeping By You

It's true that your dog probably enjoys getting extra warmth by curling up next to you. But as we covered with bringing toys, sleeping by you is also a way your dog recognizes the fact that you're in the same pack.

6. Looking in Your Eyes

Dogs don't look at humans as a way to signal aggression. Instead, this action releases oxytocin, which creates positive feelings of bonding. So while you may think your pet is doing this because it wants dog food, there's a very good chance it's a sign of love.

7. Leaning Against You

In some situations, leaning against you can signal that your dog is feeling anxious or nervous. This action also indicates affection. In fact, if your dog does this when you're in a new environment, it shows that you're the pack leader and your dog feels safe letting you protect it.

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